The Story of CleanSea

CleanSea removing plastic from the ocean
CleanSea is run by two teenagers from Sweden, Lukas and Mikaela, to stop plastic pollution from harming our oceans. We both have a close connection to the ocean, and have since a young age spent our summer vacations in Sotekanalen, Bohuslän. But in recent years we´ve seen a threat the beautiful oceans we love. The vast amounts of plastic in the ocean and along the coastlines, and all the marine life being harmed by it. Having seen this problem, we wanted to take action, which is why we started CleanSea.
CleanSea is an organisation committed to directly preventing ocean plastic from harming marine life. We do this by simply removing it from oceans and coastlines.
In May of 2020 Ellen and Albina joined the team, to help us carry out more cleanups and remove even more trash from the ocean! Together we have removed over 8 000 kilos of ocean trash from the coastlines in Bohuslän, Sweden, and our goal is to reach 10 000 kilos this year!
Lukas, Ellen and Albina, CleanSea removing plastic from the ocean
The CeanSea project is funded by our CleanSea bracelet. By purchasing a CleanSea bracelet you fund our removal of 1 more kilo of trash from our oceans.
Want to help us create a clean ocean and protect marine life? Pull the next kilo of ocean-trash today by getting your CleanSea bracelet here.
CleanSea removing plastic pollution from the ocean