The Story of CleanSea

CleanSea removing plastic from the ocean
CleanSea is run by two teenagers from Sweden who want to make a difference for our oceans. We have both been closely connected to the ocean since a young age, and we find it fascinating, beautiful and full of incredible marine life! That is why it´s alarming for us to see such huge amounts of trash washing up along the west coast of Sweden, and how much damage it is causing to our ecosystems. Trash from around the world is carried here by the Gulf stream, and as a result lots of our marine life is now in danger. 
That´s why we started CleanSea, an organisation committed to stopping ocean trash from harming marine life. Our mission is to clean the ocean from harmful trash, and our cleanups are funded by the CleanSea bracelet. By purchasing the CleanSea bracelet you are making it possible for us to remove 1 more kilo of trash from our oceans, taking us one step closer to clean oceans. To date, we have pulled 1 914 kilos of trash from the oceans and coastlines of Sweden, and our current goal is to get to 10 000 kilos of trash in the coming year.
Help us reach our goal and support healthy oceans today by getting your CleanSea bracelet here.
CleanSea ocean cleanup