About Us

CleanSea is run by a team of six people from Sweden who want to make an impact for our oceans and marine life! Learn a bit more about who we are below.

Lukas Julher

CleanSea cleaning the ocean from plastic

"I've always had a close connection to the ocean, and since I was 5 years old I've found marine life fascinating and continued exploring, studying and learning more about the ocean all the way through my life. But in the last few years I've had a growing concern about the threat our oceans face, plastic pollution. That's why I started CleanSea as a youth entrepreneurship company in the autumn of 2018, to make an impact for marine life by tackling plastic pollution."

Mikaela Julher

Mikaela Julher, part of the CleanSea team

"I've always been passionate about taking care of our environment. Diving and snorkelling are some of my favourite interests and the ocean with it's incredible marine life has always had a special place in my heart. Working to protect marine life is therefore very important to me. It's the reason I joined CleanSea in August of 2019, to help remove as much harmful trash from our oceans as possible!"

Albina Lampa

Albina Lampa, part of the CleanSea team

“As I'm born and raised out among the islands on the Swedish west coast I've always had a strong bond to our nature and marine environment. I've long been engaged in different sorts of outdoors activities such as mountain climbing and skiing, and in recent years my eyes have opened to climate change and how people are harming the environment. As an architecture and engineering student my interest for environmental engineering has increased further, and at CleanSea I now have the opportunity to actively contribute and make an impact for marine life by removing trash from our beautiful coastline!”

Ellen Tingström

Ellen Tingström, part of the CleanSea team

“I have always had a great passion for the ocean. I've always been attracted to marine environments, and feel most at home on or under its surface. This has led me to work on a ship in the Arctic, and on my spare time i enjoy diving in any of the world's oceans.Through my studies I learn about what we need to do to protect and preserve these environments. 

Through CleanSea I can in a concrete way contribute to a cleaner and healthier ocean on our planet. It feels fantastic for me who is passionate about environmental issues, especially related to our oceans!”