How It Works

CleanSea cleaning the ocean

1. You purchase a CleanSea bracelet, funding the removal of 1 more kilo of trash from the ocean.

2. We go out and pull your kilo of trash directly from the coastline or directly from the ocean. 

3. The collected trash is then analyzed and sorted into different categories to be recycled.

CleanSea beach cleanup

4. The new recycled materials contribute to a more sustainable world by limiting the need for production of new material. Instead of harming marine life your kilo of trash now helps the environment.

You have now funded the removal of 1 kilo of trash from the ocean, there´s one less threat to marine life and the movement towards a clean ocean is one step further. Together with your help we have now removed 1 138 kilos (2508 pounds) of harmful trash from our oceans, all because of one bracelet!

CleanSea ocean cleanup

Want to join the movement and support a clean ocean? Pull your kilo today by getting your CleanSea bracelet!