How It Works

When you purchase a CleanSea bracelet you are funding the removal of at least 1 kg (2 pounds) of trash from the ocean. We then use those funds to remove trash from oceans and coastlines, and the bracelets cover the costs of our cleanups. When we receive enough orders to fund another cleanup we set out to the west coast to make a difference. The CleanSea bracelets funds costs such as transportation, gear and our use of a boat to get out to high impact areas with lots of trash.

CleanSea bracelet ocean cleanup

We always guarantee to remove at least 1 kg of trash for every bracelet purchased from us. Of course when we find a place with even more trash we are happy to remove as much as we can, and we often end up having pulled more trash than we set out for. 

Any proceeds that are left after our cleanups we use to further the mission of creating a clean ocean in other ways, such as spreading awareness and growing the movement to keep our oceans trash-free. We believe that we can make a bigger impact together, and one of our goals is to encourage people to join the cause to support a clean and healthy ocean. 

Together with your help we have now removed 731 kilos (1611 pounds) of harmful trash from our oceans, and our goal is to reach 1 000 kilos before the end of May 2019!

CleanSea beach cleanup

Join our journey and remove the next kilo of trash from the ocean by getting your CleanSea bracelet!