Make an impact for the ocean today!

CleanSea and The Perfect World Foundation coastal cleanup in Bohuslän, Sweden
Every year millions of marine animals are harmed by the plastic drifting around our oceans. And within 30 years there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean. 
We're on a mission to stop that, and shape an ocean full of beautiful marine life, not plastic. 
CleanSea removing plastic pollution from the ocean in Sweden
Today, you can help us make that vision come true! By getting a CleanSea bracelet you will fund our removal of 1 more kilo of trash from the ocean in Sweden. That's one less kilo of trash for marine life to worry about, and one step closer to a clean ocean! 
CleanSea bracelets removing 1 kilo of plastic from the ocean
What difference does removing 1 kilo of trash from the ocean make?
Pulling 1 kilo of trash from the ocean might not solve plastic pollution globally. But it can be enough to save the life of a seal, sea turtle, sea bird or even a whale in the ocean. Removing 1 kilo of ocean plastic can mean everything to animals in the ocean, and will definitely get us important step closer to our goal - a clean future for our oceans!