CleanSea Bracelet - Green/lime - CleanSea
CleanSea Bracelet - Green/lime - CleanSea
CleanSea Bracelet - Green/lime - CleanSea
CleanSea Bracelet - Green/lime - CleanSea

CleanSea Bracelet - Green/lime

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Average bracelet size women: 19 cm

Average bracelet size men: 21 cm

Plastic pollution is one of our ocean's and marine lifes' greatest threats. That's why we're on a mission to remove this plastic from the ocean, and you can help us do it!

By purchasing a CleanSea bracelet, you will fund our removal of 1 more kilos (2 pounds) of trash from the ocean. Join the mission towards a clean ocean by pulling the next kilo today!

Removes 1 kilos (2 pounds) of trash from oceans and coastlines.

Handcrafted in Sweden using cotton cords, and locking mechanism made from wood.

Creates a healthy marine environment for both us and marine life to enjoy.

Represents your commitment towards a clean ocean!

"Would like to thank you so much for the beautiful bracelet I ordered to my colleague as a birthday gift! He was very happy both about how good it looked, and by the meaning behind. You are amazing!”

Size guide

To get a CleanSea bracelet that fits you just right, not too tight and not too loose, we recommend you choose a size that is 1.5 - 3 cm longer than your wrist measurement. For example, if your wrist measurement is 17 cm, you should choose S (19 cm).

Size chart 

Wrist measurement:                 Bracelet size: 
12-15 cm.                                         XS (17 cm) 
15-17,5 cm.                                      S (19 cm) 
17,5- 19,5 cm.                                  M (21 cm) 
19,5-21 cm.                                      L (22,5 cm) 
 21-22,5 cm.                                    XL (24 cm)

Unsure what size is best for you? No problem, if the bracelet does not fit you can exchange it for free so you get a bracelet that fits you perfectly :)


We offer free delivery on all orders of CleanSea bracelets worldwide.

Carbon Neutral Delivery Sweden: 2-5 business days.

Carbon Neutral International Delivery: 4-10 business days. 

Together with the organization Runnint Tide, we neutralize the carbon emissions from all our deliveries by growing kelp in the ocean. And by the way, our packaging is 100% plastic free and made with the lowest possible environmental footprint ;)

 About Running Tide.


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