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How you can help

There are plenty of ways to help, and you don´t have to spend money to do so. By reducing your plastic use you will stop plastic from entering our oceans in the first place. Small changes like switching to a reusable bag or bottle can prevent lots of plastic from entering our oceans, saving marine animals from being harmed by it.

Another way to make a difference is by doing a a beach cleanup, bring some friends and have a good time saving our oceans. However if you don´t live near a beach but want to remove some trash you can get one of our CleanSea bracelets, each one funds the removal of 1 kg of trash from oceans and coastlines. Show your support towards our oceans today by getting your bracelet here.

Following us on Instagram or spreading the word about our movement will help spread the message of taking care of our oceans, and makes a big difference over time. It´s only possible to make a real change if enough people come together, so don´t be afraid to tell your friends about the movement towards saving our oceans!