The Story of CleanSea

CleanSea was started by twins Lukas and Mikaela Julher in 2019. Since a young age we've spent our summers with family along the west coast of Sweden. We've been swimming in the salty water, fished for the oceans delicacies, been diving to explore it's fascinating marine life and gone for walks along the beautiful coastline. Today the ocean means a lot to us. 

And it was on one of these walks along the coastline that we noticed a bay in Ramsvikslandet, full of plastic. Plastic bottles, bags, ropes, gloves, discarded fishing nets and plastic packaging in all colors. There were thousands of pieces of plastic. 

At first we wondered where it all came from, but soon realized it had been washed up from the ocean. But if there's that much plastic in one single bay, how much is there in the rest of the ocean?


Start of a mission

We learned that over 8 000 cubic meters of plastic washes up along Swedens west coast every year, and within 30 years there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. 90% of all seabirds already have plastic in their stomachs, and millions of marine animals such as birds, seals, whales and dolphins die every year because of ocean plastic.  

This was an alarming realization for us, that plastic was threatening the future of the ocean as we know it. So we decided to do something about it, and CleanSea was born.

CleanSea’s goal is to make an impact for marine animals and create a future of our oceans full of life, not plastic. We do this by removing harmful trash from the ocean and coastlines in Sweden.  

We do coastal and beach cleanups, collect plastic floating on the surface in marinas and even dive to pull trash from the ocean floor. 

The trash we collect consists mostly of single-use plastics such as plastic bottles, bags and packaging, and a lot of discarded fishing gear such as nets, ropes and gloves. 

We fund the CleanSea project through the sales of our CleanSea bracelets, and pull 1 kilo of trash from the ocean for every CleanSea bracelet purchased.  
The Story of CleanSea

CleanSea's impact

Today we also have a cleanup team and are 7 people working  to shape a better future for our oceans! 

Since our start in 2019 we've done over 200 cleanups, cleaned more than 250 bays along the Swedish coastline. We've now pulled over 29 000 kilos of plastic, fishing gear and other harmful trash from the ocean! 

That's what we call making an impact!

Cleanups done.
Kilos of ocean trash removed.
Bays cleaned.

Join the mission you too!

Do you also want to make an impact for marine life? By getting a CleanSea bracelet you will fund our removal of 1 more kilo of harmful trash from the ocean!