Our Partners

We firmly believe that plastic pollution can only be solved by working together, as individuals, companies and entire nations. Here are the organizations we collaborate with to make a bigger impact for the ocean together!


Naturkompaniet is leading the way in sustainability in the outdoor clothes and gear industry. This year they give CleanSea 625 000 SEK to clean the ocean and coastline through Naturbonusen, which is huge for both us and marine life!
Here are the exciting projects we will do through Naturbonusen 2021:

 - Remove 12 500 kilos of ocean trash.
 - Clean 100 bays along Swedens coastline, and make video about the journey.
 - 30 cleanup events for everyone who wants to help clean the coastline!
 - 4 dive cleanups to remove trash from the ocean floor in marinas.

Bright Equipment is a Swedish company offering high quality outdoor clothes and gear. They want to be part of the mission to clean the ocean, so they are matching every kilo of clothes sold with funding CleanSea's removal of more 1 kilo of ocean plastic from the west coast of Sweden. Together, we are removing thousands of kilos of ocean plastic in 2023!
L:a Bruket creates natural and ecological skincare on the west coast of Sweden. Through their new collection of skincare products, "Angelica", they will help clean the ocean by donating 5% of the revenue towards CleanSea's cleanup efforts. Together our goal is to remove over 1 000 kilos of ocean plastic in 2023!
Änglamark is voted as the most sustainable food brand in Sweden. They've given CleanSea "Änglamarkspriset 2022", which is one of the biggest sustainability awards in Sweden. Through Änglamarkspriset, they funded CleanSea's removal of 2 500 kilos of ocean plastic from Sweden's coastline. 
Ecster offers payments solutions that makes payments easy and convenient for both companies and customers! Together we are now shaping a cleaner ocean, by offering their customers the option to pull plastic from the ocean with their Ecster points. 

Vindpinad is a clothing store comitted to offering their customers clothes made only from the most sustainable brands. Oskar Knubbe, founder of Vindpinad, helps CleanSea on coastal cleanups along the west coast of Sweden.