CleanSea's carbon neutral deliveries.

Our vision with CleanSea is not only to focus on creating a clean future for our oceans, but being sustainable through all parts of our organization, to help ensure a bright future for the entire planet. 

That's why we neutralize all carbon emissions from deliveries of CleanSea bracelets to our customers, together with the organization Running Tide. 


But how does it work?

Running Tide moves carbon in the ocean from the fast cycle to the slow cycle, using kelp. They create a biodegradable buoy, that they plant kelp seeds on. The buoy is released into the ocean, and the kelp starts to grow. As the kelp grows, it absorbs carbon and becomes heavier and heavier. 

After 3 months the buoy that keeps the kelp afloat breaks down, and the kelp sinks to the ocean floor, 1 000+ meters below the surface. The kelp along with the carbon it has absorbed is eaten by deep sea creatures, or sinks into the bottom sediment of the ocean. And in the depths, that carbon can be stored for thousands of years. 

We now calculate the carbon emissions from each delivery of CleanSea bracelets, and remove the same amount of CO2 from the atmosphere through Running Tide. 

So long story short, you can now feel sure that the delivery of your CleanSea bracelets is not harming the environment ;)  

Pull a kilo of ocean trash!

By getting a CleanSea bracelet, you fund the removal of 1 more kilo of harmful trash from the ocean. Enough to save a sea turtle, seal, or maybe even a whale!