CleanSea Guardian - 1 kg/month - CleanSea
CleanSea Guardian - 1 kg/month - CleanSea
CleanSea Guardian - 1 kg/month - CleanSea

CleanSea Guardian - 1 kg/month

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Average size women: 19 cm

Average size men: 21 cm

Plastic pollution is one of our oceans greatest threats. Within 30 years there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean, and millions of marine animals are harmed by it every year.

By becoming a CleanSea Guardian you will be protecting marine life and creating a clean future for our oceans. As a CleanSea Guardian you will fund our removal of 1 kilo (2 pounds) of harmful trash from the ocean and coastline every month!

What you get

- The unique CleanSea Guardian Bracelet.

- Fund the removal of 1 kilo of trash from the ocean every month.

- A new seasonal CleanSea bracelet every 4 months.

- Monthly updates via email about how your support is making an impact, how much ocean-trash we´ve removed, our progress and our plans for the future.

- Become an important part of the mission to keep our marine environments clean and healthy!


Carbon Neutral Delivery Sweden: 2-5 business days.

Carbon Neutral International Delivery: 4-10 business days.

 (Note that you will only receive the bracelet upon starting the subscription and then a new seasonal bracelet every 4 months)

How our carbon neutral deliveries work

Together with the organization Pachama, we neutralize the carbon emissions from all our deliveries by supporting verified reforestation and forest management projects. And by the way, our packaging is 100% plastic free and made with the lowest possible environmental footprint ;)

About Pachama.

The monthly updates about our cleanups and progress are then sent to you via email.