How You Can Make A Difference

We can all control how we affect our oceans and environment, and everyone can make a difference! Making just a few good daily decisions can save animals in our oceans, so here are a few things you can do to support clean and healthy oceans.

 Skip single-use

Skip the single-use plastics. When you have the chance, bring a reusable bag, bottle or even a reusable straw. During our lifetimes, the average person uses around 11 000 plastic bags and around 6 000 plastic bottles, and they can last for centuries in our oceans. Getting into the habit of using reusables can therefore make a huge difference over time. 

CleanSea removing plastic from thea ocean


Recycle your plastic. By recycling your plastic you can stop it from entering the oceans while also preventing more plastic from being produced. Only about 20% of all plastic is currently being recycled, meaning we constantly have to produce more of it, which is completely unnecessary and means more will enter our oceans.

 CleanSea plastic bottle caps found in the ocean


Take part in a cleanup

Participate in a beach cleanup. Be part of the next cleanup near you or get together with a few friends and have a nice time cleaning a beach or part of a coastline. Most of what washes up on beaches can just as easily return to the ocean during a storm or high tide, meaning beach cleanups are a very effective way to prevent plastic from entering the oceans. Cleanups are often fun and it feels great to know that you are making a difference, just make sure to recycle what you find so that it gets a new purpose instead of harming marine life. 

 CleanSea removing plastic from the ocean

Help us clean our oceans!

Support our cleanups. Together with your help we have now removed 2 733 kilos (6 025 pounds) of ocean trash, and our next goal is to reach 10 000 kilos. You can help us get there! Following us on instagram helps us reach more people and makes the movement towards a clean ocean grow. We can only solve this problem by coming together, so lets spread the message!

If you want to help us directly remove trash from the ocean you can get one of our CleanSea bracelets. The bracelets fund our cleanups, and each bracelets removes 1 kilo (2 pounds) of trash from the ocean. Make an impact for marine life and remove the next kilo today by getting your CleanSea bracelet!


We hope some of these tips were helpful and we encourage you to try some of them, they all have the power to make a big difference for marine life and the world's oceans!