Our Cleanups

CleanSea beach cleanup
CleanSeas current goal is to remove 1 000 kgs of trash from our oceans before the end of May 2019. We are currently doing cleanups along the west coast of Sweden, in Bohuslän, where trash from around the world is carried by the Gulf stream. All cleanups are carried out by the two founders of CleanSea, and to date we have removed 390 kilos (800 pounds) of trash from our oceans and coastlines.
CleanSea beach cleanup
To make a bigger impact the trash we collect is sorted into different categories and then recycled. This way we can prevent more materials from being produced and stop more trash from entering our oceans and save the planets resources. The trash we collect will therefore now support cleaner oceans instead of harming them, making a big impact for marine life.
Help us further our mission of cleaning the oceans and reaching our goal of removing 1 000 kg of trash from the ocean by getting your CleanSea bracelet here. Together we can make a difference for our oceans!
CleanSea ocean cleanup