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There's a new way to clean the ocean! Join the mission by pulling 1 kg of ocean plastic with your CleanSea T-shirt.

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Every hour, 5 bathtubs of plastic washes up on the west coast of Sweden.

CleanSea is on a mission to stop ocean plastic from harming marine life, and keep our coastlines clean and beautiful!

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De 100 mest skräpiga vikarna

Genom projektet 100 För Havet ska vi få grepp om de mest drabbade vikarna på västkusten. I samarbete med företag som adopterar en vik var ska vi hålla dessa vikar rena året runt, för att tillsammans göra stordåd för Bohusläns kust och marina djurliv.

100 För Havet

"CleanSea are heroes twice over and we look forward to following their journey"

CleanSea won Änglamarkspriset, and will use the prize to pull another 2 500 kilos of ocean plastic from Sweden's coastlines.

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The heroes making CleanSea possible!

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Are you the next 1 of the 2 000 heroes?

We have a goal to pull another 20 000 kilos of ocean plastic from Sweden's coastline together every year! Join us, and help make this dream come true by becoming 1 of 2 000 CleanSea subscribers, who help us pull more plastic from the ocean every month!

Start pulling your monthly kilos!

Swisha en gåva för havet!

100 kr = 1 kg plast från havet längs Sveriges kust.

Att ta bort 100 gram kan vara tillräckligt för att rädda en havsfägel.

Att ta bort 0,5 kg plast ur havet kan vara tillräckligt för att rädda en säl.

Så oavsett storlek på din gåva så gör du stor skillnad för havets djurliv :)

Frequently asked questions

How does my bracelet help clean the ocean?

Each CleanSea bracelet funds our removal of 1 kilo (2 pounds) of trash from the ocean. They are our way of funding cleanups, and the foundation of the CleanSea project. They fund costs such as wage for our cleanup teams, gear for our cleanups, transportation to cleanup sites etc. CleanSea's mission is to remove as much trash from the ocean as possible, and the profits we earn will be used to help us grow so we can remove even more trash from the ocean in the future. 

How does CleanSea remove ocean trash?

At CleanSea we remove ocean trash in three ways.

1. Coastal cleanups: This keeps the coastline clean and beautiful, protects coastal marine life, and prevents trash from returning to the ocean.

2. Surface cleanups. We remove plastic floating on the surface in marinas, preventing it from drifting further out into the ocean and threatening  marine life. 

3. Dive cleanups. We dive to remove the trash that ends up on the ocean floor in marinas, such as old tires, carbatteries and ghost nets. This way, we can also help protect marine life from the harmful effects of trash on the ocean floor.

How do CleanSea subscriptions work?

A CleanSea subscribtion is for people who want make the biggest impact for the ocean, and remove ocean plastic every month! They are the foundation of the CleanSea project, and together subscribers help pull thousands of kilos of ocean plastic every year! As a CleanSea subscriber, you pull 1 pound, 1 kilo or even 2 kilos of ocean trash every month. 

What you get as a CleanSea subscriber:

- A subscription bracelet.

- A notice of when and where your monthly pound or kilo has been removed.

- Our monthly CleanSea report, a summary of the impact we've made together each month and highlights from the CleanSea project.

- A new seasonal CleanSea bracelet every 4 months. (exclusively for CleanSea subscribers)

- End each month knowing that you're making a crucial impact for marine life - a true ocean hero! :)

What types of ocean trash do we remove?

95% of the trash we find on our cleanups is plastic. Around 50% is single use plastics such as plastic bags, bottles and packaging. Around 40% comes from the fishing industry, and consists of ropes, ghost nets, fishing line etc. We also find lots metal, glass, gasoline, medicine, oil, and we've even found space technology!