What is 100 For The Ocean?

In the last 4 years of cleaning, we've located the 100 most polluted bays, islands and stretches of coastline in Bohuslän. Places where hundreds of kilos of plastic wash up every year.

These bays stand between us and a clean, healthy marine environment.

Our goal is to get 100 companies who adopt 1 bay each, that CleanSea can keep clean all year round.

Why are there so many polluted bays?

Plastic comes here with ocean currents from the Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea, and every hour 5 full bathtubs of plastic washes up on the Swedish west coast.

In fact, as much as 700 tonnes of plastic washes up on the Swedish west coast every year. In some of these bays, we've already removed thousands of kilos. Now we need your companies help to keep one more of these bays clean all year round!

  • Agneta Sjödin - CleanSea 1 KG - CleanSea

    We will clean your adopted bay 2-5 times per year, depending on the bays need.

  • After each cleanup, we will report to you how much plastic was removed. We will also share photos and/or video documentation.

  • Your company will be shown as one of the 100 helping to make a concrete impact for the future of the ocean, on our map above.

  • Most importantly - you will be making a concrete and measuarable difference for the environment. Your effort will make an impact for hundreds of years!

  • Princess Yachts West Sweden, Denmark, Norway

    has adopted Härmanö! A beautiful nature reserve, and an important marine habitat to keep clean.

  • Scandic Laholmen

    is helping us clean the whole north side of Tjurpannan. This area receieves big amounts plastic washing up.
  • Nimbus Boats

    has adopted the south part of Ramsvikslandet, called Haby. A stunning nature reserve, home to many marine animals.
  • ICA Maxi Torslanda

    has adopted Andalen, a beautiful stretch of coastline south of Torslanda in Göteborg.
  • Smartab

    has adopted the Veddö Nature Reserve, a gorgeous peninsula where a lot of plastic washes up.

Reach out and let's see how we can save the ocean together!

Want to discuss how your company can make a difference for marine life? Give us a call or shoot us an email in the contact form below, and let's book a meeting to discuss together!

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