Why do the CleanSea bracelets exist?

The CleanSea bracelets were created to make it possible for everyone who shares our love for the ocean, to make a clear impact to protect it. Every CleanSea bracelet pulls 1 kilo of plastic from the ocean and coastline along Sweden's west coast. Every bracelet takes us one step closer to our goal - a plastic free ocean!

The CleanSea bracelets are the foundation of our project, and they fund our cleanup operations and mission to make an impact for marine life.

What impact does 1 kilo make?

Every piece of plastic we remove from the ocean can be the piece that saves a life. Pulling just 0.1 kilos of ocean plastic can save a seabird. 0.5 kilos can be enough to save a seal. Every CleanSea bracelet pulls 1 kilo of plastic from the ocean. About the same as 100 plastic bottles, and it's definitely enough to make a big difference for marine life!

  • 58 500+

    Kg ocean plastic removed.

  • 300+

    Bays and marinas cleaned.

  • 400+

    Cleanups done.

Help pull the next kilo!

Join the mission and help pull the next kilo of ocean plastic today with a CleanSea bracelet!

Lets clean the ocean!
  • Because it's very important to keep the oceans clean in order to preserve marine life. The bracelet is stylish and suits both old and young people. Lots of good colors to choose from.

    Love it!

    /Jessica Edman

  • A wonderful initiative! Also very good that it is free of charge to change sizes if it doesn't fit. Nice and good looking, plastic-free. It would also give a great look to buy another, and another, later on and combine them.

    /Maria Unell

  • I think you are doing a fantastic job by cleaning the ocean. The least I can do is support you. The bracelet is very nice, I wear it gladly.

    /Marika Belfrage

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Copy of CleanSea Bracelet - Green/White - CleanSea

Production and Sustainability

We want every CleanSea bracelet to be plastic free, biodegradeable and made from sustainably sourced materials. So we created a new cord specifically made for CleanSea bracelets, using GOTS-certified organic cotton. GOTS is a global standard to ensure that the material is made sustainably, organic and using the least chemicals. The certification includes the entire production process of the material - from growing the fibers, processing, to manufacturing.

The bracelets are handcrafted by an organization helping people in need of work opportunities in Turkey, the same place where the cord is grown. So each bracelet not only helps shape a cleaner ocean, but helps people in need with work opportunities as well!

Pull the next kilo!