4 Easy Tips To Help Stop Plastic Pollution!

With 11 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year, it might feel like our individual actions won't make any difference. But each piece of plastic we can prevent from entering the ocean could end up saving the life of a fish, seal, sea turtle or maybe even a whale! That's why we've collected some of the best and most effective tips to prevent plastic from entering our oceans and help fight plastic pollution in your daily life!

 Skip single-use

Did you know that over 1 million plastic bottles, and nearly 2 million plastic bags are used every minute. Many of them are unnecessary, and unfortunately cause harm to millions of marine animals every year. By switching to reusable bags, bottles or even straws you can help keep that number down, and help keep our oceans clean and healthy!

CleanSea removing plastic from thea ocean


In 2019 over 300 million tonnes of plastic was produced, but less than 9% of all plastic produced has been recycled. By recycling plastic we can both decrease carbon emissions and prevent new virgin plastic from being produced while also keeping it out of the ocean. That's what we call a win win situation!

 CleanSea plastic bottle caps found in the ocean


Be part of a cleanup

Bring a few friends to the beach or coastline and directly make an impact for marine life by collecting the plastic that's been washed up. A lot of the plastic that washes up on the coastline eventually returns to the ocean during a high tide or a storm, so a coastline cleanup is great for our oceans, and can be a fun and meaningful activity on a nice day!


Help us clean our oceans!

Support our cleanups. Together with your help we have now removed over 34 000 kilos (74 957 pounds) of ocean trash! You can help us get even more! Following us on instagram helps us reach more people and makes the movement towards a clean ocean grow. We can only solve this problem by coming together, so lets grow the movement together!

If you'd like to directly remove 1 kilo of trash from the ocean today, you can get one of our CleanSea bracelets. The CleanSea bracelets fund our project, and each bracelets removes 1 kilo (2 pounds) of trash from the ocean! Make an impact for marine life and pull the next kilo today by getting your CleanSea Bracelet!


We hope some of these tips were helpful and we encourage you to try some of them :) They all have the power to make a big difference for marine life and help keep our oceans plastic-free!