About Our Bracelets

CleanSea bracelets removing plastic from the ocean

Every year millions of marine animals are harmed by plastic and other types of ocean trash. That's why we created the CleanSea bracelets, to stop ocean plastic from harming marine life! Each CleanSea bracelets helps create a clean ocean by funding the removal of at least 1 kilo (2 pounds) of harmful ocean trash!

All CleanSea bracelets are handcrafted in Sweden, and to symbolize healthy oceans forever, each bracelet is designed with an infinity knot as the centerpiece. 

Lukas, CleanSea cleaning the coastline from plastic pollution

Want to join our mission to create a clean and healthy marine environment? Pull your kilo of trash from our oceans today by getting your CleanSea bracelet here.

CleanSea bracelets cleaning the ocean from plastic 1 kilo at a time